Thursday, April 17, 2014

Set to Date

How do you go from work to dinner out in 15 minutes?
Ditch the boots, lose the jeans, throw a quick curl in your hair with a hot roller set, change your lipstick, and head on out!
I started my work day in these rockin', Steve Madden camouflage booties, but quickly changed into Sam Edelman, spiked heels for a dinner around the corner.
I swapped the grey, work skinnies for a leatherette, pencil skirt, and put in hot rollers for ten minutes. I changed my red lips to a subtle pink to complement my shoes and bag.
Top: Timing, Heels: Sam Edelman, Booties, Steve Madden, Blazer: H&M, Bag: Gifted, Skirt: Zara

It only takes 15 minutes to swap out if your core pieces are good basics. A pencil skirt, a good, black blazer, and some nude heels and a neutral bag will keep your look classic and fresh.

With Love,

Noa B


  1. I like the both. I like the pencil skirt a little better, but only because you have nice legs. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!
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  2. This is so stunning!


    1. Thanks so much. Always the simple things...

  3. wooow! you have a great blog! I love it !!!!
    and you, you are so pretty!!!! I love your style is amazing!
    I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know, please. I always follow back so don`t worry :)
    have a nice day sweety!
    xoxo from Spain

    1. Happy to follow, your blog is so colorful and lovely!