Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday On The Run

Hi Friends!

After a week long hiatus from blogging it feels good to be back online. No great tragedies of broken cameras or frozen computers occurred, but work and life got so far ahead of creative fashion that it was challenging to find the time to snap a single pic.
But today I'm running every conceivable errand. And I want to do it still feeling like a little effort was made. So although jeans still win the day with practicality, some heels and lace give them a little edge.
Like these cherry red stilletos and my favorite clutch from last year's trip to Paris. Both add a little something exra.
And it's a bit cloudy and overcast in SM this morning. Not cold enough for a jacket but certainly brisk enough for long sleeves...
Top: LF Store, Heels" Sole Society,Clutch: Sandro, Jeans: Level 99

I'm happy to have the day to "get it all done". (And hopefully with a little panache). Have a great weekend!


Noa B

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