Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's day 4 for me of the Santa Barbara Independent Film Festival and I'm having a blast seeing a ton of great films, several of which originate from my place of birth, Israel. (In particular, I highly recommend this heartbreaking love story about two young men, one Israeli, one Palestinian who fall in love under extremely precarious circumstances). Check it out on IMDB for more information here.
I'm staying comfy and cozy in my "fuzzies" while walking the downtown, going in and out of screenings, and pausing for the odd hot chocolate between showtimes.
Blazer: Brooks Brothers, Jeans: Golddesign, Hat & Sweater: H&M, Necklaces: Vintage

Walking festival circuits is an exercise in stamina, but so worth the wait!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. i love this, you look adorable x

  2. i like the hat with the sweater. it does look soft and warm. hope you're having fun. sounds like you are.