Monday, January 14, 2013

BIrthday Weekend Snaps

Had a wonderful, mellow, and entirely spontaneous birthday weekend with the hubs this Saturday and Sunday, (my actual birthday). After a very full holiday season and a series of house guests, events, jobs, and  commuting between houses, it was so refreshing to simply get up Sunday morning with no specific plans!
Saturday night we attended a Keane concert, (which was Fab-U-lous) preceeded by a great dinner at Delphine. We were incredibly excited to see them perform at the Pantages, as it's one of the few, older theaters we hadn't been inside yet. (If you love Deco buildings, this one is worth checking out).
When Sunday arrived all I wanted was to sleep late, be awoken with a Starbucks Chai as well as a fresh Cappuccino, a stack of fashion mags to read, and a husband and kitty to cuddle with.
Mission accomplished!
I had germinated a plan for a malibu hike followed by a trip to a series of gallereis. Alas! Neither Santa Monica, Culver City or Downtown keep their galleries open on Sunday. But as it happened, my birthday fell on the Rosebowl, monthly flea market and antiques fair.
We had a blast walking the (literally) miles of stalls, (check out the hubs eying this vintage bread basket and clock). We eventually found a great, Eames Era, Atomic end table which I'll be cleaning and prepping over the weekend for display. (Interior design pics to come)!
We ended the day by the hubs "forcibly" taking me for a stroll between the Apple, Sony, and Microsoft stores in Century City, where after two hours deliberation I oped for a Surface tablet, and I couldn't be more excited to embrace this (new for me) technology!

Final stop was some sushi and shaved ice, followed by a blissful collapse into bed watching the premiere of HBO's Girls.

A perfect end to a perfect day. And none of it planned! I love you so much Ross!

With Love,

Noa B

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