Friday, February 17, 2012

Pre-flashmob gear

This past weekend I participated in my first flash-mob. A small affair, but those of us brave enough to do so all wore "forever lazies", (yes, the info-mercial, adult onesy-wear).
This is what I wore under my forever lazy, and promptly stripped into after we had all paraded out of the Culver Hotel in West Los Angeles. A simple, bell sleeve, chiffon dress.
With one of my favorite, vintage necklaces. A silver bird of peace from Israel.
It was definitely a night to remember. And it made me brave enough to consider even doing it again in the near future. However for now, I'll stick to heels and dresses for my nights out and leave the ones-ies until next Halloween.
Dress: Lush, Sweater: Free People, Heels: Guess, Necklace: Vintage

With Love,

Noa B

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