Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Remembering Why We Do...

It's always a treat to discover some unique piece of clothing at a reduced price. Walking through my neighborhood this past weekend I happened upon a tag sale that had some great clothing items for sale. I stopped to nab a few things and was further inspired to spend when I found out the sale was to raise money for a shelter dog who'd just had puppies. This Oscar de la Renta knit came to a whopping $2.00, and my new, Free People maxi skirt was a direct trade at Crossroads later that same day. The price of thriftiness is a classic look for summer, bought for pennies on the dollar.
But the reality is that a part of my frugal shopping was pure distraction, a tactic to have something else to focus on, if only for a little while. This past weekend my husband's university lost members of its community when a young man armed with multiple firearms entered the campus adjacent neighborhood of Isla Vista and killed half a dozen people while injuring several more. I was thinking long and hard about the people who lost their lives during my weekend home in Santa Monica with my husband. So all I can say today is, take the time to love the people you're with. Remember to say and do everything you can. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

With Love,

Noa B

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