Monday, August 5, 2013

Hair Tricks For The "In-Between" Times: Batiste

We've all been "between" color more than a time or two, and sometimes the "between time" can last a little longer than we'd like. But I stumbled across a great, trickster item to help us gals in the war against roots.
 Meet Batiste Dry Shampoo spray with a little extra color to boot!
My roots have been needing some love for at least 6 weeks. When I kept my hair naturally brunette a touch up was easy. Black-brown mascara and the roots were saved for the day. But blondes, reds and honey tones present a bit of a challenge. I've been spraying in a little Batiste daily between brushings to keep the offending color at bay until my salon appointment. Here's what you do:
Spritz into your roots liberally. I made my coverage a little extreme to better show you, but you can certainly use less. The idea is to hit the root as you would with any dry shampoo.
Throw your hair back over your head upside down and scrunch, run your fingers through, and lift and sift the product into the root. Get a little bed-head going. It will help move the product around.
 Voila. It's not a colorist, but it'll get the job done until you can see yours.
You can find Batiste everywhere, from and Urban Outfitters, to Naimies and Amazon, who listed it here in multiple colors for as little as $8.99. It comes in blond, medium and dark brunette, as well as cherry and its original, colorless formula.

Happy hair shopping!

With Love,

Noa B

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