Friday, October 5, 2012

White dress sees daylight

After last week's blog on closet cleaning, I'm feeling lean and mean. One thing about liberating your closet is that you force yourself into garments that have lingered, despite their best efforts, to get out of the back of your queue!
Such was the case with this adorable, crinkle-crepe dress I bought at least a year and half ago at Buffalo Exchange in Las Vegas. 
I love this dress, and I love that the shoulders are actually meant to be worn both up or down. But somehow I just hadn't thrown it on since buying it. But it was another scorcher today and my newly thinned closet is very bare. So I grabbed it off the hanger and got going. 
Well, grabbed and mostly got going... Actually, with fabric this sheer and clingy, there's one thing a gal's gotta have and that's Spanx.
Seriously, spanx aren't just for "pulling it all in". They're really great for just giving a perfect undertone to sheer garments. It's not cool enough yet for tights or leggings. But a shortie pair of Spanx gives the right finish to any sheer dress or skirt. As a former designer, (and a gal who'd fluctuated from a size 4 to a 12, to 10 and then to a 2) I know that foundation garments can be key in making any woman feel bolder and more secure about her wardrobe choices.  Some items that might appear too sheer can be absolutely perfect with the right camouflage.
Spanx - Slimplicity® High-Waisted Girl Short
So if you haven't given them a chance yet, here are a few comfy recommendations that are a great for body-skimming garments. Above, Spanx's signature, "Higher Power" and below it, the "Girl Short" for those mid-thigh dresses. Both are available at Zappos here.
Off the topic of undergarments, I also love wearing belts backwards these days so that the buckles don't cut the design. I turned mine around and looped it with an elastic.
Dress: Vintage re-sale, Belt: Vintage, Wedges: MIA, Necklaces: Jewelmint, Hat, (til it was too hot): H&M

Everything can be "enhanced". Belts, curves, etc.

With Love,

Noa B

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