Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Heading out: Oxblood and Hair Color.

I'm heading out shortly to (finally) get my color retouched and snip some splitty ends. Thank goodness for the power of a good cut and color. There's nothing better to usher in fall than glossy, healthy hair!
It's rather obvious that I'm in need. When I leave for the hairdresser, I don't even run a brush through it. I like my stylist to see exactly what it does in its "natural" state so that we can address the cut accordingly!
And speaking of cut, I'm rerouting back to classic cut, corduroys for fall. It's cool enough today to start pairing them with boots--hooray!
With respect to color, how glad am I that I hung on to my MIA Oxblood boots from 2006, along with another pair of stacked, Mary Jane, oxblood heels, (more on that to come). It's so nice to see this color revved up again since I can recycle these old faves.
Cords: AG, Shirt: Vintage, Boots: MIA, Belt: Mango

Just a quick snap to remind myself that while it's great to clean house on your wardrobe, some things are timeless, classic, and worth saving!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. noaB, i like the whole look! did you ever stop wearing those boots from 2006? i would have worn them every fall/autumn. i adore them. yes, a fresh haircut & color is empowering.

  2. Lovely boots and outfit. You look so cool. Am anticipating to see your new hair.
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