Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Heat to the Extreme

When it's suddenly about a zillion degrees outside, any thoughts of looking stylishly chic in fall layers go right out the window. I stepped outside my door this morning and felt a blast of hot air that required slipping out of a pantsuit and into palazzos--stat!
I am constantly on the prowl for these types of pants. Loose, potentially filmy but lined, and completely breathable.
Here are a few that I'm hoping to nab asap: Above, Zara's drawstring, elasticated trousers, available in 3 colors here at $49.00.
Here are two tone, tapered trousers by F21, available here for under $20.00, and these daisys are also under $20, and available here.

This one is definitely my splurge, at $98.00 from FreePeople.com. But oh, the hippie gorgeousness of it! And it comes in multiple colors too!

And this Ikat print is on sale for $29.00! Get it here before all sizes are gone!

So I guess I'll be doing a little window shopping and hoping to find my next, perfect pair of billowy pants. Til then! 

Tank: Vintage, Palazzos: Bluette, Bangles: Boutiques and TresJolie

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Great look! And I just tagged the F21 pair and Free People sale ones! I love this look too! Gap has additional 30% off today and the cotton version I wore here are also so fab, comfy and cheap!

    Great post. xx

    1. Aww, thanks mama! I may have to steal a page from your style book. Those GAP pants are looking mighty good!

  2. looking fabulous. as always noa B, even if you are melting from the heat. my fave look is the one with the printed pants & hat. :)

    1. It's amazing right? Now if only it would cool down enough for all of us to start that yummy, fall layering!!