Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Second Time Around: Haul!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the importance of closet cleaning and gettting rid of all those impulse buys you haven't worn for months at a time. Yesterday I reminded myself that while austerity is good for closet control, some things are worth hanging on to.

I finally had a bit of downtime between appointments, so I went with all speed to a re-saler where I happened to have quite a bit of credit burning a hole in my wallet. Over at Crossroads Trading Co. on Santa Monica Boulevard, I arrived with a cheat sheet in hand, (to make sure I remembered what to look for) and a bunch of credit slips for traded items from this past spring. (That's another lesson I've learned over time. Don't feel compelled to buy immediately after trading if you can't find what you want. If you wait, it's sure to come in sooner or later)...
Above, my newly scored faves: as soft as those coveted James Perse T-shirts but a quarter of the price. My new go-to's: JPark and Truly, Madly Deeply for ultra thin, soft tees.
Cutaway! In casual style to mix with palazzos and colored denim.
A kimono top, which I'm obsessed about layering!
Dress/tunic in perfectly fall oriented tones. I can wear it with tights or knee high socks now, jeggings when it's chilly.
Ok, this is a but springy, but I love mumu tops and this naval toned, Michael Kors reminds me of all those yummy, Calypso tops from this past summer.
Studs! And more cutaways. A badass, rocker, button-up to wear with skinnies.
DVF! A size bigger than I'd normally wear but it's so 30's chic! I can't wait to drape it over a maxi skirt or bedouin pants!
Finally! A chambray shirt that isn't thick denim. Light and almost sheer, this will be uber cute tied at the waist or tucked in, preppy style.
A pretty, keyhole sweater with a "Vince-esque" look.
Ooh! More grey jeans but in the return to a semi-acid wash finish. And I'm growing to LOVE AG fits and cuts.
I ended up with this 11 piece haul for $250! And with $230 in credit, I came out with a $20 tab including taxes!

So there you have it. Hang on to your credits, because it may take some time until you can put them to good use. In a way, I had to clear out my closet to figure out where to really fill in the holes.

Happy shopping!

With Love,

Noa B

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