Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pre-4th of July Inspiration

Happy "Pre-4th" Everybody!
This morning I was feeling a little red, white, and blue inspiration as I headed out of town for the day with the Hubs. In anticipation of the oddly placed, Wednesday holiday, I pulled out a recently re-vamped, vintage dress I had reconstructed last year. 
Over this little concoction, I mixed some vintage, drapey necklaces, which I also love to rock as bracelets.
I had re-cut this dress from its original, maxi length to an elongated mini and revamped the shoulders, but I also added a little bow-tie detail in the front. Very Hepburn-esque...
Dress: Reconstructed vintage, Heels: Enzo Angiolini, Necklaces: Mom and Grandmother's, Clutch: LV

A little, red clutch and red lips and I was feeling festively appropriate. Getting into the groove early is always fun. I can't wait to pick out the "real" holiday outfit.

With Love,

Noa B


  1. You look so fab in a red lip, Noa! Love the top knot too! :) Happy early 4th hun!!



  2. you revamped the dress to a magnificence! nice ode to july 4th. the yellow pop of color is right on trend, & i like to wear necklaces as bracelets too. :)

  3. Pretty!!! Love that dress! GREAT 4th inspiration. Pinning now! xx