Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jen M Rocks the 80's

This is my girl Jen. Jen is beautiful, fanciful, and completely adventurous and over the top. For her birthday this past year, she corralled a dozen of us into performing as a mini, flash-mob at a local, hotel, hot-spot. The kicker? We were all dressed in matching "Forever Lazies" while Jen donned an adult, dinosaur costume complete with head!
Yup, Jen's fearless. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer last spring. Through it all she's remained strong and beautiful and determined. Right before her surgery last summer, a group of us put together a photo-shoot in her honor, channeling themes from "Mod" to "Bondage", (all stuff Jen is expert at).
A little over a year later, Jen's doing and looking amazing. This weekend she and I met for an impromptu dinner, and when I was running my hand over her lush, newly grown in, dirty blond chop, it occurred to me that she looked like she was channeling a totally, 80's, brat-pack kid. (Mixed in with a little Madonna on the side)...
Naturally, I couldn't help asking her if she'd be up for having some fun and getting photos snapped. Jen being Jen always will jump in head first. Here are a few tasty tidbits of our spontaneous, play time. All hail Jen M, queen of the 80's!

Once we spiked out the hair, I started feeling very "True Blue" meets "The Breakfast Club". (Must be the hat)...
Here's to Jen for always being willing to be creative and free. And here's to the girls before her, (like Madonna and Molly Ringwald) who rocked the spiky hair, combat boots, leather, and princess dresses back in the day! They'd be proud.
Boots: Steve Madden, Sweater: Free People, Leather Shorts: Tart, Hat: Vintage, Dress: Jones NY
Makeup, Hair and Styling: Me.

With love to you Jen!

Noa B


  1. COol post!!
    great style
    love the boots

  2. i agree completely that pretty girl/lady jen, rocks the 80's vibe meets her own unique style and beautiful soul! she sounds & looks completely cool. :)

  3. looking for a hat like that EVERYWHERE for my daughter - man,this Jen lady is gorgeous!! her smile, her style, the poses, the clothes - LOVE it!! beautiful pictures, beautiful woman! Congrats!