Friday, August 1, 2014

My Favorite Way to Flat

I'm a big fan of heels. I feel sexy and powerful and statuesque in a pair of three inch pumps. But the pragmatist in me is getting older and wiser, and realizing that the safest way to still love fashion and work on my feet all day is to embrace flats. That's easy in the fall and winter, when riding boots and motorcycle heels are always big, but in the summer a girl wants a sexy sandal. My cure? Gladiator flats!
I bought my first pair over 20 years ago, and I've been accruing them ever since. You can feel sultry and rocker and Bohemian all in one. Plus, you can walk anywhere in comfort. (I actually think these blowsy, baby-doll dresses look more appropriate and appealing in flats anyway).
 Yup, fringe and flats make for a pretty easy, no-fail combo.
These babies are Report, and I found them at my local LF Boutique. But they're available at Lulu's here for $103, and if you sign up for their site, you can save 10% right away! For the budget conscious, TJ Maxx is offering some fantastic options online right now, as shown below.
These babies which are all leather, are from Modern Rebel and are available at here, for only $49, a steal!
These Yoki's are pleather, but at $20 it's hard to argue with how cute they are. Available here!
If you're thinking of going a little avant-garde, try these Vincenzas for $59. The snakeskin print adds a flourish. Available here.
If you like a lower body, these Joe's are a cross between a Roman Sandal and a Birkenstock. Gladiator meets Birk? Yes please. Available here for only $39! Joe's shoes for under 40$? A must.
 Dress: FreePeople, Purse: ElliottLucca, Sandals: Report, Necklace: Boutique

Whatever your preference, there's a sexy flat out there for you.

Happy Friday!

With Love,

Noa B

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