Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Caftans and Snaps

Pardon the low quality snaps, but I just returned from a long weekend in NYC, which flew by too quickly to even take photos!
Although my camera was with me the whole time, I was having too much fun to remember to take it out of my purse. The whole, long weekend was a blur.
I checked out the Jeff Koons retrospective, visited with family and friends, ate top notch, French fare, swooned over my sister's new flat high atop the 28th floor of East 72nd street, and even managed to do some major redecorating at my parents' apartment, all while running from place to place in the Manhattan, August humidity!
Fortunately I'm a very good, light packer. 6 dresses, three pairs of sandals, and two zip locked bags of mini products were all I needed. I left for a few days with the world's tiniest roll-aboard. (But I did manage to get a makeup kit, two hair irons, PJ's, two jackets, dresses, a kimono, shoes, toiletries, skin care, a book, and a camera all into a bag that was about 12"by 12"! The key to traveling light in hot weather is not packing a ton of separates).
Dress: Calypso St Barts, Bag: Heavenly Couture, Sandals: Report, Choker: Boutique

Stay tuned for some peeks at the Koons, coming soon!

With Love

Noa B

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