Friday, September 7, 2012

Rockin' the "Jessa" look: Dinner out

Back in June I posted one of my favorite, TV inspired looks of the summer, where I discussed how to build the "Jessa" character's wedding look, taken from the hit HBO series, "Girls".
Shortly before completing that blog I found a somewhat similar take on the character's boho-fabulous dress. The costume designer for "Girls" actually created the wedding shift from a vintage piece which she altered to fit the actress/character. (I was going to be hunting for a long time if I was going to stay true to vintage fabrics)...
On a shoestring budget I stumbled upon this "mock" version, at an insane, closeout price. The only catch? It was about 2 sizes too big. But here's the thing about A-line shifts. If you just take in the armpits and side-seams up through the ribcage, you can leave the rest loose and open and still create a slimming look.
So I got to work and took in the area between the shoulder, through the armpit, all the way to the middle of the ribcage, and then let the dress flare out. Voila. A basic, babydoll, 60's style shift.
Jessa's look called for stunning, blue suede pumps but as it's still summer, I opted for these great, MIA wedges I found on clearance at Nordstrom rack.
The jewelry is my latest JewelMint score combined with a few other bits, and the hair is achieved using my favorite, cheap-o tool. The Vidal Sassoon crimping iron purchased on set some 6 years ago. This item is also called a deep-head waver and gives large, braid-like waves, very quickly and efficiently. I swept through my whole head in about 7 minutes.
And that's it! A 12$ clearance dress. 30$ clearance wedges in the most supple leather, Jewelmint items on summer sale, and a little will to emulate a fashion/TV style-icon.
Have a great weekend!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. You looked fabulous last night!!! Very cool to read how the look was inspired and coordinated, I loved your look. xxoo

  2. noa, i remember that girls inspired post. you nailed the look! truly spectacular. :) it only took 7 minutes to do your hair? how awesome.