Friday, September 21, 2012

Reformation Closet Style: Part 1

I've been going through some really, really big changes over the past several months. One of these changes has involved moving into a second home, not for the first, or even second, but third time in two years with my darling husband.
Our moves have now precipitated living both in our apartment in Los Angeles, as well as a new house in Santa Barbara, CA. Along those lines, life has become so very complicated that I had the urge to make things as simple as possible. Hence, my latest project, the closet reformation. (Otherwise known as "The Great Clean-Out of Fall, 2012").
There were several things I was anxious to accomplish with this latest clothing cleanse. First, I wanted to simplify my life, especially with all that's been taking place recently. Second, I wanted to maintain some frugality while furnishing my new home. And third, I wanted to share the possibilities of re-sale at its most intimate with my readers. Enter Tiana, and one of my favorite, re-sale stores, The Closet.
 the closet

With locations in Santa Monica, Westlake, and Santa Barbara, the closet is one of the best places in So/Central Cal to go for designer duds at fractional prices! You can also follow the store on FB and see their daily, best new acquisitions and pics right here!
Here's the thing Ladies. Did you know that a good re-saler or consigner will make house calls? Yup! If you have a lot of items to sell and can't bring it all into a store, you can sometimes reach out to a buyer to come and have a look through your closet in person! And that's just what I did!
So Tiana got to work, and in about 30 minutes she had piled my clothing sky-high, leaving only a few, scant items in my new closet.
And the stacks just kept on building...
From fall jackets and blazers, to sequin minis, pencil skirts, vests, dresses and more, I cleaned house. My rule of thumb? If I hadn't worn it once in 6 months, it was out!
 Soon 1 pile became 2, and then 3...
 And then we hit purses, shoes, and accessories.
 And when it was all done, my personal shopper/consigner bagged up all my goodies, tabulated my earnings, and left with three, 30 gallon bags full of clothes to re-sell, while I awaited a fat check!
Because as my good friend Tanya likes to remind me, "One woman's trash is another woman's treasure". And while I certainly wasn't parting with trash but rather, great, high ticket items, they weren't going to make me happy languishing in my closet for another 6 months either.
When it was all loaded into Tiana's car,  I looked at my freshly cleaned closet with new eyes, and a new appreciation for what I have.  Most of all, I looked at my newly mortgaged home with it's array of beautifully empty and un-appointed closets and thought, what a joy it will be to slowly refill these all over again!
Skirt: Re-sale, Tank: Zara, Belt: Calvin Klein 70's Vintage

But until then, I'll stay fierce, frugal, and enjoy what I have! Thank you Tiana, and thank you to The Closet, for creating a space where women can shop without guilt!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Good for you! I have to say that in the last year, I've purged my closet to the extreme (and it also was on the heels of a move and opening an eBay business). It feels wonderful to look in my closet and see fewer but fabulous rather than more by MEH? From the pictures, it looks like you got rid of a ton!! Once I purged, I decided that nothing makes it into my closet if I don't love it. And what's fun is that some things I may test run for a couple of months and then turn around and sell's all good! Congrats on your new home!! ~Serene

  2. Hi Serene, thank you for reading and thanks for all the encouragement! You read my mind on the "meh" vibe. I'm truly looking forward to each piece really "counting" from here on in. Right on!!

  3. Well done, friend! I didn't know they made house calls! SOOO good to know when I do my major clean out before we move ourselves! So fun to see your new place too! xx