Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Swap-er-oo

I returned Monday from my sojourn in Ojai at a three day, wedding weekend. Ojai weather is tricky enough to make even the most prepped packer groan. 98 degrees in the late morning, positively chilly by 7-8 pm. My wardrobe heaved a sigh of distress!
Thank goodness my husband and I rode in separately for different, pre-wedding events. After placing a quick call home, I was able to switch out my LBD Black Halo dress to my Zara, wool mini with the Gaga-esque, shoulder pads. (Yes, I needed wool in the middle of summer in Ojai)!
Oh, and I must mention that I've become positively HOOKED on Jewelmint. This rad ring is one of a number of recent goodies they sent me in a grab bag full of extra items for my monthly purchase!
Having worn demure jewelry to the shower events as well as the wedding, it was nice to have something a little rougher around the edges for my evening out "in town". These "steampunk" hoops with hardware also came in my grab bag. I'm in love! And if you like these picks, check out more options at and sign on to get your first, discounted purchase!
LBD: Zara, Wedges: Sam Edelmann, Earrings and ring: Jewelmint.

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Oh, it looks fab! Is this the Zara I got you? You had it tailored in? Perfection! I love jewelmint too. Great post, welcome back! xx

  2. Thank you, yes it is! The perfection of good tailoring right?

  3. you DO look superb! that is some major crazy weather. it's too hot, now it's too cold. it does sound like a packing nightmare.