Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maxing the Closet

I was feeling a little sporty when I threw on this hooded vest yesterday. My goal was to help a dear friend with a deep, closet clean-out, and I wanted to be comfortable and ready to dive in and wade through the mountain of clothing we would be sifting through.
I was all about planning and timeliness, which meant no hair time first thing in the morning. But the great thing about this hoodie is its got a built in "bad hair day" fix!
Following on my unintentional theme of black and white, I added grey to my choice of clothing this week.
Hooded Cardi: Romeo and Juliet Couture, Heels: ShoeMint, Jeans andTank: LF Store, Purse: Paul &Joe Sister

I can't recommend enough doing a bi-annual overhaul of your wardrobe. Most of us don't know/remember half of what we own. Try to be really honest about what you wear and you'll find that most of your key items only account for about 25% of your closet. The rest is composed of specialty items, impulse buys, and stuff you just don't use.When you knock out those pieces and re-sell them, you're free to invest in the items that stay the test of time.

With Love,

Noa B

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