Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From Working Stress to Holiday Dress: How to transform in 5 minutes or less

Hey Gals, are you trying to get to the next holiday fete with virtually no time to change? Make it incredibly simple with a few choice, foundation pieces and you can go from this:
 To this!
I've been getting booked these past couple of weeks almost daily, and it's really put a crimp in my ability to attend nighttime gatherings. So this week I was determined to make it to at least ONE event after work. Because I do a lot of location shooting, I never know where I'll end up or how far I'll be from home. Here's how I quickly switched up a work outfit to a "play" outfit in 5 minutes. (I had the extra items packed in my trunk to switch out when I wrapped camera).
The trick? As every good magazine will tell you, it's about choosing one or two foundation items and then rebuilding the look on top of it. My choices? American Apparel leggings, (because they're shiny they look dressier than regular cotton-lycra), a good strapless bra, and a cropped jacket to transition from day to night.

I found some fun, similar items you can test drive online to rock a steamy, cocktail version of this look.

Seen Above:
  1. Shiny leggings: Available at www.American 
  2. Booties: Truth or Dare by Madonna, available at
  3.  Cropped holiday jackets in black and red: Available at
  4.  Strapless convertible bra: available at
  5. Pleather bustier dress: available at
 Dress: Boutique brand, Booties: Dior, Jacket: Ovi, Earrings: Tres Jolie, Leggings: American Apparel

As for me, I opted out of my usual "all black" and threw in some color, but you can never go wrong with black for nighttime.

With Love,

Noa B

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  1. Nope, can never go wrong with black for the night. Great advice. That red blazer is also very nice looking.
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